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What Will Happen At My Appointment?

Please download one of our patient information leaflets which explain in detail what you can expect during your appointment with the community cardiology service.

Cardiology doctor appointment

Echo clinic appointment


If you have a monitor clinic appointment please download the relevant monitor leaflet:

Blood pressure monitor

24hr ECG monitor

Event recorder

R Test monitor

IMPORTANT: when returning 24 hour monitors please remove the device (be sure to unclip ECG monitor leads from the sticky electrodes DO NOT cut or pull/damage the leads - these are expensive to replace). Place all of the equipment in the bag provided and return as instructed with the completed diary sheet by 15:00 the day after your appointment.

How Do I Change Or Cancel My Appointment?


Please ring our Patient Care team on:

01420 560 817

        For Saturday Clinics at Park Surgery:

           If you have a problem on the day of your appointment due to an emergency or cancellation please call Park Surgery on 02380 252131.

We understand that there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that mean you cannot make your appointment but if you do not let us know, you may be putting your health at risk.

If you cannot attend your appointment it’s essential you tell us as soon as possible so that we can reschedule and free up your original

appointment for another patient.

Correspondence Address:

Community Cardiology Service,

Mansfield Park Surgery,

Lymington Bottom Road,

Medstead GU34 5EW

Contact us on 01420 560 817

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